What is Jewellery Marketplace

What is Jewellery Marketplace

Online jewellery buying is a fast growing business. Increasing take-up of smartphones and tablets is boosting time spent online. Over half of UK households (54%) now have a tablet, a rapid rise in popularity from just 2% in 2011. Ofcom research shows that internet users aged 16 and above said they spend nearly 10 hours (9 hours and 54 minutes) online each week in 2005. It had climbed to over 20 hours and 30 minutes in 2014. Based on recent Ofcom research 96% of adults used a mobile device in 2016 while 71% of UKadultsownsa smartphone.66% of UK adults use their mobile to devices to access the internet and in the UK consumers now spend 5 hours on their mobile devices each day.

Jewellery Marketplace is what it says on the tin, a jewellery marketplace for real UK jewellers to promote their business and/or to sell their products and services to a much wider audience. Price comparison sites are a perfect example of people's buying habits where a consumer prefers to have all products and services made available on one site where they can save both time and money. Jewellery Marketplace hosts many e-commerce websites under one smart website giving visitors a much better choice or products from trusted sellers. We call those websites a STOREFRONT and each seller has one that can be customised with own graphics. 

A STOREFRONT is essentially your own website on Jewellery Marketplace platform and you are in control of what you post for sale but unlike with running and hosting your own website, for a small monthly fee, we do all the hard work including hosting, maintaining, updating, securing, promoting, advertising and selling. We also charge a small commission from your sales so we have to perform in order to ensure we are taking money as well securing your continued renewal to our service.

STOREFRONTS can be customised with jeweller's own photos and graphics and can be used to list products for sale online and offline. As a member, you are essentially tapping into our a well established a well positioned and widely recognised jewellery website that already has thousands of highly targetted visitors, and all its products and sellers top search engine results.

Just as easily you found Jewellery Marketplace, our website is easily found in search engines in the UK and abroad as well as on social media sites thus we have thousands of highly targeted visitors drawn to sellers and products listed on our site. As a result, we are already surpassing our members' expectations. This is because we have run a highly sophisticated jewellery website on Jewellery Marketplace for 6 years establishing an organic relationship with search engines and preparing grounds so Jewellery Marketplace listings and our sellers can be visible on first pages of results without the need for additional advertising. The more sellers and products we have the more results for the entire group.

Unlike other websites, Jewellery Marketplace is dedicated to the jewellery trade. It is a central hub for a more refined shopper who came here to buy genuine jewellery or watches and would rather not use sites like eBay to buy jewellery even if the same product was listed for a little less there. Jewellery Marketplace allows visitors to browse through the stock listed by UK jewellers who act as sellers on our site.

Some sites might not allow you to do certain things like posting your phone number or email. We do not have an embargo on such information. Inform your buyers so they can rest assured they are being looked after a professional jeweller and buying genuine products.


The way we have designed Jewellery Marketplace is quite different from other catalogues. Here are just a few groundbreaking differences that are designed with your e-commerce success in mind.

  1. Your contact details are visible to the site's visitors
  2. Communication between buyers and sellers is not restricted
  3. You can actually place your own website URL in your contact section.
  4. Each product you list also acts as an advertisement for your business and includes a link to your STOREFRONT.
  5. Each product you list is also posted across all of our own social media accounts such as Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, Instagram, etc. at scheduled intervals.

No experience necessary. If you have never sold anything online, not familiar with "the internet" worry not. Each vendor is assigned its own account manager, a dedicated marketplace genius who will be there for you for the duration of your membership and not just for the first 14 days. Our teams will help you to go through forms, shop setup and product listing as well as any other account enquiry to ease you into modern day e-commerce and to help you to carry on and maintain your reputation in the digital world.

If you spent enough on web development, advertising, security and diverted your work time to it but failed to see any tangible results Jewellery Marketplace will be a welcomed change and you will only need to make sure you have enough stock for sale. In some cases, we may assist to import products from your existing website so you won't need to waste your time to do it again. Yes, you can just continue what you love, being a jeweller, and let us work for you.

 Join Jewellery Marketplace today and find out why we too have a 100% seller retention.