What is Jewellery Marketplace

What is Jewellery Marketplace 

Jewellery Marketplace is a co-operative e-commerce service run by UK jewellers and IT experts created to centralise safe and easy jewellery and watch buying environment. Its aim is to offer the buyer much wider access to products offered by the UK's independent jewellery shops and promote them organically in search engines so their products can be easily found among the biggest names of the industry.

Buying locally 

Many buyers subscribe to "Buying locally". Jewellery Marketplace is offering this opportunity to independent jewellery shops to further their online reach both locally and globally. It allows the buyer to find their local jewellery shops, browse their products, and make a purchase knowing that they are buying from a genuine jeweller and supporting the local trade. It also offers the buyer full access to products available in jewellery shops and workshops throughout the entire United Kingdom. 

Online jewellery buying is a fast-growing business. Increasing take-up of smartphones and tablets is boosting time spent online. Over half of UK households (54%) now have a tablet, a rapid rise in popularity from just 2% in 2011. Ofcom research shows that internet users aged 16 and above said they spend nearly 10 hours (9 hours and 54 minutes) online each week in 2005. It had climbed to over 20 hours and 30 minutes in 2014. Based on recent Ofcom research 96% of adults used a mobile device in 2016 while 71% of UK adults own a smartphone. 66% of UK adults use their mobile devices to access the internet and in the UK consumers now spend 5 hours on their mobile devices each day. 
Jewellery Marketplace is reaching out to those users and delivering relevant content to future or active prospect buyers and building far-reaching brand awareness. With each new member and each new product, our ability to reach more audiences multiplies thus bringing far more high-quality traffic onto the platform that in turn translates in more product engagements and interactions leading to more sales for the entire group. 
Jewellery Marketplace has already topped UK's and international search engine results due to the work that has gone into establishing this type of presence spanning from 2012, working in parallel with search engine changes and rapid software advancements. You will find our members and their products show right on top of the search results. In many cases, the member's content is displayed before Facebook or Amazon listings. While non-members might require to purchase paid advertising from search engines to achieve similar results Jewellery Marketplace's position is achieved through complex and tedious work of our engineers' whose sole determination is to ensure search engines favour our platform thus providing us with a vast quantity of buyers. 
Social media plays a big part in our daily lives therefor Jewellery Marketplace takes a very active role in promoting our members, their products and their social media channels encouraging more engagements, attracting wider audiences and generating even more business for group members. We use a variety of methods and means to reach relevant individuals locally, nationally and globally and deploy more sophisticated methods targetting buyers in close proximity of our member's shops. Members of Jewellery Marketplace enjoy a full year of SM marketing at no additional cost, offering potential savings of thousands of Pounds annually. 

Jewellery Marketplace is a great sales generator for any jewellery shop considering going online, done in-depth research and realised that having a website is no longer of any commercial significance unless it employs qualified personnel and has a very large budget for the next 3 years. It is perfect for any active e-commerce seller whose website isn't maintained by a team of dedicated staff or it's underperforming. For a beginner, and a  first time seller, we have a special introduction and dedicated support personnel available to train and assist free of charge for the entire duration of the membership. 
To join the group, please REGISTER AS A SELLER today. You will have your dedicated STOREFRONT on Jewellery Marketplace that is essentially your own website ready to be populated with your products with the added bonus of all the preparatory work done and with large high-quality traffic from the day one that you won't need to pay for! You will be able to list your products manually or if you use a POS system upload your product inventory in one go from a file. Our teams analyse, monitor and edit listings, if necessary, in order to maintain or improve the product's searchability and performance. 
We're on your side and we want you to succeed because your success means rewards in the form of a small commission for us. It incentify us to go above and beyond, to overtake your past or present sales and deliver a lot more results. 77% of our sellers have their first sale in their second week of membership followed by multiple sales. All of our members have reported increased footfall after becoming a member adding to walk-in revenue. 
Give us a call and well take you through the setup process. You should be able to set it all up in under 10 minutes and be ready to populate Jewellery Marketplace with your products even if you are not a very technical individual. 

Helpline: 01204 895 514 option 1