How it works

How It Works


Jewellery Marketplace is a shopping website where only real UK jewellers are the sellers to ensure you are buying a genuine article from a genuine jeweller. Many sellers will have a special internet price or offer so it's always good to check back what's new and save our page in your favourites for the next time you thinking of spoiling yourself or your loved ones. 

Who can sell on Jewellery Marketplace

We take pride in hosting only real UK jewellery shops and UK jewellery workshops selling real jewellery, watches and other related products you can find at a regular jeweller shop in the UK. Only real UK jewellers can sell on Jewellery Marketplace so you, the buyer, can rest assured you are buying a genuine article from a genuine seller.  

Who can buy on Jewellery Marketplace

Any human who loves great deals on jewellery and watches and like the idea of supporting local business. You will need a fixed address a valid payment method and be authorised to use it. If you do not have an account, we will ask you to sing up when you proceed to a payment page with your shopping. You will be able to sign in with just one click with Google or Facebook. If you have not got Facebook or Google account you will be able to sign up the old fashioned way by filling out a short registration form. You can also register before you start shopping. Whichever is convenient.


You can register when finalising your shopping or prior by using our registration form Here. If you have Google or Facebook account, all you'll need to do is press one button. It is shockingly simple. 

You can also register as an affiliate to promote our site, our sellers and their products and earn a commission for every successful sale you bring in. Affiliate accounts are different from Buyer's accounts and require users to fill in a separate form. Each affiliate registration goes through the approval process before an account is activated. Register as an affiliate

 For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

If you are a seller, please visit information for sellers guide here.