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Company Overview  

Founded in 2009 Amber etc... Ltd had been importing and selling highly desirable jewellery. Its strength was always in IT systems as the company founder is one of the pioneers of modern day online advertising. Achieving global success in the field of highly targeted online advertising and e-commerce he brought the skill and technical expertise to the company and helped to build a solid and future proof IT infrastructure for the company. Amber etc... ltd was one of the first UK companies to offer it's trading clients access to easy online restocking system before many jewellers even have any plans for own websites. Having a close eye on UK e-commerce developments in 2013 JewelleryMarketplace.co.uk was launched. Initially it served the purpose of trade buyers who wanted to restock our products but due to its technical innovations, solid and highly compliant and most up to date programming languages and codes JewelleryMarketplace.co.uk quickly became popular with retail buyers and outperformed any other UK jewellery sites both in performance and search engine ranking placing it on top of search results making it the main source a top priority source of income for the company. 

Data Analysis and Visitor Behaviour patterns.

A year after the initial launch, we had tons of data to analyse. After weeks of sifting through the information we have gathered we've discovered that many of our visitors were not necessarily interested in the line of Baltic amber jewellery that we carried. Many search queries were outside of our stock as we did not retail watches, wedding rings or diamond rings to name a few. The analysis also reviled that all of our visitors are highly targeted individuals who were not looking for cheap imports, LED garden lights or LASER pointers but individuals who are on the market for genuine, high quality jewellery and watches. Behavioural patterns also suggest most people prefer to visit one website rather than waste their time looking through 100's of others. Insurance comparison sites can be a perfect example of such patterns and how people will most likely spend a little bit more time on a good site where they can buy the desired item from a reputable and guaranteed source at best price and from the comfort of their armchair. 

ONS and addressing problems UK jeweller are having with IT  

Based on the Office of National Statistics, in 2016 UK population spent over £7.2bln online on jewellery and watches. Our mission is to help well established and trusted jewellers who lack the correct infrastructure, skill or human resource to survive and succeed in the modern day digital economy. Our platform was designed with the help of professionals from the jewellery trade environment. We perfectly understand the needs of this particular trading group and made our site much different from the run of the mill general marketplace websites. Our sellers have access to e-commerce tools designed specifically for the jewellery trade. We are willing to help those businesses who only rely on local shoppers to grow their e-commerce business, create better online business awareness and help them to sell more locally as well as nationally and globally in order to secure their future in the modern day digital economy.

Under the hood.

Most sites use shared hosting solutions that host hundreds or thousands of websites. JewelleryMarketplace.co.uk is run on an enterprise, scalable infrastructure built specifically for large companies' critical systems running high traffic websites and a sole purpose of JewelleryMarketplace systems. Our core infrastructure runs on the latest Intel Xeon processors, high-speed DDR4 memory, enterprise-class SSD drives and high-performance RAID controllers combine to provide exceptional performance and reliability for visitors. Our server operations are monitored and maintained 24/7 by a team of highly skilled and dedicated IT engineers ensuring our service security and reliability. Our team of engineers can always seamlessly scale our systems based on needs and attach more capacity for peak times so even with increased traffic during those times, our site always runs smooth and fast regardless how many thousands of people browsing and buying on it at one time.

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