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Jewellery Marketplace is what it's says on a label, a marketplace. Jewellery Marketplace supports multi-brand jewellers that might possibly have their own store(s) and are looking to diversify their selling options. In essence we support sellers that have a legitimate business and are taking jewellery business seriously. 

Get Paid to Your UK Business Bank Account

When you sell an item on Jewellery Marketplace your funds are kept secure on our site. Every 7 days you can withdraw your funds to your UK Business Bank account. No nonsense paying methods. All you need is a UK business bank account.

Own Storefront on our Site

Sellers have their own Storefront that serves a purpose of a website and they can redirect their customers to this address. It is essentially your own Jewellery website on our Site. You can add as much information to your storefront as you deem appropriate and beneficial to visitors to choose to buy from your shop. 

We have millions of visitors coming to our site looking for jewellery and watches. 

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No hidden fees and no listing fees. You pay subscription and percentage of value of items sold only. 

  • Subscription Fee
  • Comision from sales

You can get commission rate as low as


Our comprehensive service subscription packaged have been designed specifically for the jewellery trade for optimum performance. Jewellery Marketplace is a place to buy and sell jewellery and watches as well as jewellery and watches accessories so all our visitors come here to buy jewellery and watches. This is one of our unique selling point as we have millions of highly relevant highly targeted visitors that are actively looking to buy jewellery, watches and jewellery care products.

No listing fee. Each individual subscription package gives you a set number of items you can list. Please choose the option that is most suitable for your venture. 

We cater for small, medium and large jewellery companies and our subscription packages are optimised to the Jewellery trade. You do not need to have your own website to sell on Jewellery Marketplace. When you subscribe to our service, you will have your own storefront website that serves a purpose of an eCommerce website and you can give that address to your customers or link your non eCommerce site to your new storefront..

If  looking to diversify their selling options, Jewellery Marketplace is the best choice for jewellers. Why list your products on sites that sell LED garden lights when you can sell on our Jewellery specific Site. 

Jewellery Marketplace is a #1 choice for UK Jewellers to sell jewellery and watches.

  • List your own products on Jewellery Marketplace. You can list Jewellery, Jewellery related products, watches and watches related products. You can list new and second hand items.

  • Get paid for sales direct to your bank account. No nonsense bank payment. Once you have reached your account threshold you can request to transfer the money out from Jewellery Marketplace to your business bank account at no cost. 

  • Your own storefront address so if you didn't have a website before, you will now and you can share your new address of link your own non eCommerce site to your new storefront to sell your jewellery.

  • Sell your jewellery locally, nationally and internationally. You can add your shipping destinations as you require or willing. It's your choice.

  • We strive to make sure your storefront a success and for that we promote each Storefront and Sellers' products across our own social media channels. This is a free bonus feature and we do not charge any extra for promoting your business. 

  • Show your visitors where you are. We do not restrict your information. If you choose to show your physical location, that we recommend anyway, that is absolutely fine. Customers should know they are buying from a reputable store.

Why is The Jewellery Marketplace the Best Place to Advertise Your Business and Sell Your Jewellery

Sellers have access to comprehensive selling and advertising tools on Jewellery Marketplace to promote their Storefront and their products. 

  • Jewellery specific website with highly targeted audience actively looking to buy jewellery. Our average number of visitors in one year exceeds 1.6 mln and we want you to take advantage of this.

  • Top ranking UK Jewellery Website based on Alexa© an Amazon Company. This means our sites' products display on top of result pages in search engines and area easily found and our website is visited by people actively shopping for jewellery and watches.

  • You will have your own Storefront website where you can drive visitors to. If you do not currently have a website this is the best option to start selling online. No technical experience required. 

  • We promote your business. Each product has a "Sold by" tag with your unique Business or Shop name that will be visible to all visitors. This is especially beneficial as each product in itself acts as an advertisement for your business and we don't charge extra for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions. We hope they will be sufficient to answer your most urgent questions.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

You need to be a registered UK jeweller and have a physical jewellery shop. We also accept companies that are internet only however they must be residing in the UK and have a valid UK Business Bank Account and UK registered business address. 

How many items I can list for free?

We offer 3 types of subscription packages. You can list 20, 100 or 500 items depending of the package you purchase. Each package is restricted to the specific number of items and if you want to add more you can upgrade your subscription package at any time.

What are the fees for using the Jewellery Marketplace?

You only pay subscription fee and a percentage of your sales. At the moment we charge 8% and 10% commission of your sales depending of the package you choose. Subscription packages are: Silver - 10% commission, Gold - 8% commission, Platinum - 8% commission. 

How do I get paid for what I sell on the Jewellery Marketplace?

You will have your wallet in there sellers' DASHBOARD where all the money, less our fee, will be collected. As soon as the threshold of £65 is reached, you can request a withdrawal to your UK Business Bank Account. 

How often can I request a withdraw?

You can request a withdrawal every 7 days free of charge providing a mandatory 14 days have passed from the day the item was sold and the buyer dis not raise a dispute. If you want to make additional withdrawals we might add additional processing fee.

How do I secure my Storefront name?

Storefront names are unique and will show under each listed product, as "Sold by" tag to visitors who is the seller of the product. Visitors can click on the "Sold by" tag to visit sellers' Storefront and view all products listed by that seller. 

If you had your share of disappointments before with online selling why not experience the real eCommerce. 

Most UK jewellery websites score very low or not at all in website ranking and this effectively means that even if you spend £15,000 on your new website, you might not even turn over this amount in 3 years. Join Jewellery Marketplace and experience eCommerce like never before. Boost your online sales and promote your shop on UK's #1 Jewellery Website.

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Storefronts names displayed in "Sold by" tags are unique and like with domain names once they gone, they gone. We have no control who reserves them first. If you would like to secure your Storefront name do it now before it's too late. We are unable to settle any disputes over who reserves the Storefront name first. Storefront names are non-transferable and we do not allow to sell or transfer Storefront names to others. 

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