We have some great clients who love us

We love our clients and they love us back
  • Don't talk to me about website I used to say. Now I'm using my iPad to sell on Jewellery Marketplace. It's very easy and I'm not that technical. Only recently my family made me open a facebook account so for a novice I think I can quite easily find my way around your website and I love my online shop or storefront whatever you call it. I will upload my own banner as soon as I take a picture of my shop.

    Marlene Manchester
  • We did not consider online selling because we heard all kinds of things but it's surprisingly easy and safe to sell on Jewellery Marketplace. We don't need to pay anyone to build and maintain a website for us because we have a Storefront that is just as good for our shop. Very happy.

    John Norfolk, UK
  • We had our own jewellery website for year and last year we have spend a small fortune to "bring it to current century" but in the past 6 months we have barely sold anything. Sceptically, we have decided to give Jewellery Marketplace a go and only three days later we had our first sale. We will be upgrading our subscription soon.

    James Lancashire
  • We always looking to diversify our online presence and the running cost at Jewellery Marketplace is far more reasonable than other means. It is, for lack of better words, a great value for money.

    Nathan London
  • I am a jeweller and don't understand websites. I make and sell jewellery to my local community and I though that was the limit of my abilities. I didn't believe people buy jewellery online or that I can sell my own jewellery online. Turns up I was wrong. Thanks Jewellery Marketplace for giving me the push.

    James Cheshire
  • We have a eBay shop but Jewellery Marketplace is more suited to jewellers and not as restricted as eBay. We want to show our brand to most people who love jewellery and with Jewellery Marketplace "Sold by" tag everyone can see our name. Its like a free advertising and I hope they don't catch on and start charging extra for this. I would LoL

    Mo West Midlands