Frequently Asked Questions

Create and Edit Listings

How to create a listing

1) Login to your sellers' account
2) Click on DASHBOARD
3) Click LIST YOUR PRODUCT - You have 7 tabs to manage your product.First tab you will be looking at is "General" with the following:
4) Add Product Title - Add title of your product
5) URL Keywords will appear and help visitors to find your product
6) Add the price of your listed product
7) Quantity - how many are you selling
8) Brand/Manufacturer - Choose from the list of request new brand to add
9) Product Category - choose the right place to list your product. For Ladies necklace, from pull down menu choose Ladies Jewellery. Relevant subcategories will appear below for accurate placement.
10) Model - model type or number (optional)
11) SKU - Item code (highly recommended but optional)
12) Product condition - Choose if new, used or for serviced watches, refurbished.
13) Status - Active - means showing in the catalog for all to see.
14) Photo(s) - Upload product photos. Please make sure photo name has only lower case name.
15) Product Description - write about your product. If you were a client, what would you need to see in the description? Think like a buyer. Describe even the smallest details to give your buyer confidence.
16) Tags - This is to group similar products such as 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, etc. Many tags are available but you can always create your own.
17) Requires Shipping - Yes - meaning it's a physical product.
18) Shipping Country - United Kingdom - country where the product is located.
19) Free Shipping - selecting this option will make the product shipable to over 100 countries at no cost to the customer. Seller will have to cover the cost of shipping regardless of the destination country.
20) Add shipping to selected countries. I.e.: United Kingdom, China, United States. To do this click on the "+" (plus sign) Start typing the country name. You will see a list based on your input.
21) Choose shipping company you will be using for this product
22) Choose the processing time - the time from the date you receive the order to the time you post it.
23) Cost - If you want to send this product free in the UK enter 0.00 the cost for any additional item can also be 0.00 to ensure 2 of the same items are delivered free of charge. To add another destination county click + and repeat the process. We recommend all UK countries as well as China, Hong Kong, Australia and United States. Please make sure you know shipping charges before listing an item.
You can always edit any details of any listed item.

Data Tab
1) Subtract Stock - tracks your stock. If you sell all of this product it will show as "Out of stock" if set to "Yes"
2) Track Inventory - "Do not track" will not alert you of low stock level. "Track" will give you option to alert you when stock reaches level of your choice in "Alert Stock Level"
3) Youtube Video - Link to product video if you have one.
4) Date Available - the default date is the date you created the listing but you can delay availability by adjusting the date,
5) Dimensions (L x W x H) - product dimensions
6) Length Class - Choose from: Centimetre, Milometer or Inch.
7) Weight - Item weight
8) Weight Class - Choose from: Kilogram, Gram, Pounds, Ounces
9) Display Order - Place in the catalog - leave blank for auto
10) Product Addons - When you want to add a addon such as chain or box. Addon must be listed in your shop.

SEO Tab - Optional but highly recommended to ensure search engines understand your content and list it in search results.
1) Meta Tag Title - Your item title will be here
2) Meta Tag Description - you can copy your description from "General" "Product Description"
3) Meta Tag Keywords - lower case words describing your product separated by comma, i.e.: sterling, silver, amber,

Specification Tab - Optional but adds extra tab for costumer to better understand your product. You can specify main metal, weight, main stone, stone cut and clarity etc. If you need to add anything other that listed, please send a request to Jewellery Marketplace admin.

Options Tab - Useful for necklaces that have variable length chain or for ring sizes. Total number of items must be identical as in "General" tab in "Quantity"
For example if you have 10 necklaces in total where 4 have 18" chain and 6 have 20" chain this will show visitors that you have both and they can make a choice. Each can have individual extra charge or no change in total price.

Qty. Discount - If you want to give a discount for buying more than one of the item listed.

Special Discount - Set a special sale price based on date. Customers will see that this item has it's price reduced.