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Ratnali (/ruːtˈnɑːli/ ) Is a Sanskrit name meaning bejewelled, gilded, dazzling.

Welcome to Ratnali Jewels, your one-stop emporium for truly unique and bespoke jewellery, that you will treasure forever.

Carefully handcrafted by our in-house artisan jewellers in India, each of our semi-precious pieces is uniquely designed with breathtaking simulated diamonds composed of triple A-grade cubic zirconia and Swarovski element simulants and lab-created gemstones. Set in 925 silver alloy with 18k rhodium and gold polish, our jewels are proudly finished with dazzling brilliance.

From contemporary cocktail rings to show-stopping chandelier earrings, Ratnali Jewels are timeless works of impeccable craftsmanship that you can make your own…

With our Custom Design service, each piece can be adapted as you please, or you can create your very own couture, for one-of-a-kind jewellery that’s truly as unique as you. At Ratnali Jewels, our designs are inspired by you. Not only do we create covetable pieces with you in mind, but we also collaborate with you to create bespoke jewellery that has been personally designed by you - from composition and style, right down to the colour of the semi-precious gem.

What’s more, if you have seen a particular piece you would like us to re-create, our in-house artisan jewellers are on hand to reproduce and craft your dream piece, composed of high-grade cubic zirconia diamond simulants which look as good as real and set in 925 silver alloy.

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