Frequently Asked Questions


How to create a STOREFRONT?

1) Register as a seller
2) Log in to DASHBOARD
On the left side of the screen you will see a list of options
3) Click on "Packages" and choose a package
After purchase of package or a free trial offer
4) Click on "Shop" and enter your company or shop name in "Shop Name". This is going to be your shop name that will show by "Sold By" tag for each listed product.
5) URL Keywords - the address of your shop on Jewellery Marketplace. This will show automatically when you fill "Shop Name". Only lower case.
6) Description - Describe your shop, business, and add any information you would normally add on a website in about us section.
7) Shop Logo - You can upload your own logo to personalise your STOREFRONT
8) Shop Banner - You can upload your own STOREFRONT banner. Image size 1200x360
9) Display Status - ON - shop active and products visible. OFF - shop suspended and product deactivated. Can be used if you going on holiday and are unable to fulfil orders while you are away.

Shop Address - Your brick and mortar address.

Shop Policies [Optional]
Payment Policy - PayPal
Delivery Policy - Your delivery policy. How do you do it, how long you take to send, etc... Required
Refund Policy - Your refund policy. If you do not accept refund on certain products such as earrings it must be stated. Required
Additional Information - any other information you think could benefit your clients. Optional
Seller Information - I.e.: How to contact you. You can add your phone number and web address if you have a website. Optional

Shop SEO Information [Optional]

Meta Tag Title - Your online shop title. I.e.: Martin's Jewellers Online Shop
Meta Tag Keywords - lower case keywords separated by a comma. i.e.: martins, jewellers, online, shop
Meta Tag Description - Short discretion of your shop