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Who Can Open a Shop

Any UK Jeweller, Jewellery Retailer, Jewellery Maker actively trading, UK registered company based in the UK.

What is a Storefront?

Storefront is simplified version of an ecommerce website where jewellery sellers introduce their business to visitors, list and sell products and include shops' policies. Every seller on Jewellery Marketplace has own Storefront website with own address that can be accessed on any device from anywhere and remains unchanged. You can access sellers' Storefront by clicking on "Sold by" tag visible between the item name and the item price. Storefront are preconfigured and included default design for but sellers can upload own banner graphics and logo to personalise Storefronts. Storefronts banner size is 1200x361 pixels and logo size should be 97x97 pixels. Contact us if you need help resizing your content.

How to open a Storefront

If you are a UK jewellery retailer, you need to fill out our seller registration form, log into your account and purchase a subscription package. You can call our office on 01204 895 514 for more information about selling your jewellery on Jewellery Marketplace Site.

Will I have my own website on Jewellery Marketplace

You will have your own Storefront with a fixed address that can be used to drive traffic from your static site or, if you have your own domain, redirecting your domain to your Storefront address. Your storefront will show your visitors all your listed products and other information you deem appropriate.

How much is a Storefront?

Jewellery Marketplace charges Seller a subscription fee that allows a Seller to list a set amount of items free of charge. Jewellery Marketplace also charges a Seller a fixed percentage of each sale, 8% or 10% depending of the type of subscription. Seller subscription is payable before a seller can list and sell own items. We offer variety of subscription packages to suite all needs of modern jewellery trade.

I don't use PayPal, can I still sell on Jewellery Marketplace?

Yes, you can pay for subscription using a credit or a debit card.

How will I get paid for my sales?

You will need to provide Jewellery Marketplace your UK business bank account details. We pay by electronic transfer straight into your account.

How often will I get paid?

Payouts are limited to 1 every 7 days. A 14 mandatory days must pass before transfer can take place in case your customer changes his or her mind.
Providing a transaction is not in dispute and a customer is happy with your item here is how a payout would look:
Customer buys your item on the 1st of April and on the 5th of April, if there are no disputes, funds from the 1st sale can be requested on the 15th of April and second sale can be requested on t he 19th of April.

What is Sold By Tag?

Sold By Tag is a Tag that displays the name of a company or a jewellery shop selling displayed product. It is displayed below product name and it allow a visitor to click on that tag to see sellers' Storefront.

Where will my products be displayed?

Your products will be visible in main catalogues for everyone to see. They will also be displayed in recent items as well as recommended items that are displayed based on users' browsing behaviour. You can also purchase additional advertising from your DASHBOARD.