Information for Trade Customers

Jewellery Market Place web site is run by Amber etc... Ltd registered in England and Wales under no.:6830405 and it offers public access to products available in the UK.
Non registered users are shown Recommended Retail Price (or RRP) also called a "List price". 
List price will also be displayed to trade account users at the bottom of the product description as a guide retail price demonstrating potential profits .
For more information on List Price, please contact our office. 

To place an order using this site you need to create new account and ring us to activate your account that will enable you to have access to trade prices and ability to purchase items at trade prices. 

Here is an easy step by step account setup: 

1. Clikc on "Create new account" 

2. Enter your username, the name you will be using each time to log into this site (you might want to use your company or shop's name in one string of words i.e.: "alexjewellers"), and your email address. This must be your primary business email associated with your business and be valid at the time of registration.

3. Call our office on 01204 895 514 and request account activation. 

4. Click on the activation link  in welcome email to complete your registration and to log in. (Do not click on the link without prior confirmation as your click will go to an empty page)

5. You are ready to place your first order. 

Finding an item 

Type of available search tools:

  • Main menu: Search my type: Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Sets, etc...
  • Main banner menu on front page: Filter the content by stone.
  • Search box: Type a keyword i.e.: Star
  • #HashTags: On every product page beneath Add to cart button.

As we have a very extensive range of jewellery, to save time this site has some useful features to help you find what you are looking for. Each product description page has a list of #HashTags related to the product. This may be the type of stone, shape, style, colour, etc... So if for example you are only interested in #Cognac amber, clicking on the link will pull a nice list of products only relating to your #HashTag. You may also use our sites search engine and type a specific word. 

Placing an order

Make sure you are logged in and both RRP and Trade Price is showing. 
Using the keypad, on a product page type desired number of items if other than 1 and click Add to cart.
You will then see your cart and it’s content. By pressing Continue Shopping button you will get back to the page of the product you just added to your cart.  
From there you may go back to list of products with Main menu or use #HashTags to discover similar products.

When ready, click View cart to see your Cart page and check if you have all you need then press Checkout. 


When you click Checkout you will be prompted to enter your delivery address. If billing address is the same check box My billing information is the same as my delivery information. This will copy your details and save time typing it all in. 
If you have a Discount Coupon enter it in the Coupon Code box. If your order is over £1,000 give us a call to see what discounts are available.

Trade shipping is usually free unless your order is less than £100. 

Payment methods

Please choose Check or money order if you are in the UK. We accept bank payments and cheques. PayPal option if for international customers without UK bank accounts. 
You may add a message to your order. If you want your order to be delivered on a specific day, etc... Then press Review order, make sure all information are correct and press Submit order. 
We will contact you shortly after to confirm your order. We will also advise you on delivery dats so you will know exactly when and what is coming helping you plan better. 

Stock and deliveries

If you need to order larger quantities of one product, please allow 14-28 days for delivery. As we take measures to have ample stock in sometimes it’s best to order ahead if you ordering larger quantities of same product.

If for some reason we can’t send all ordered items in one parcel any consecutive parcels will be delivered to you free of charge until the order is fulfilled. 

Any questions or problems you may have, please feel free to call our UK office. We are here to help and to further improve the service. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Our clients have known over the years that we DO care and we are grateful for your continues support.